English vocabulary : 10 adjectifs de niveau avancé en anglais

Si vous avez déjà maîtrisé les bases et que vous êtes prêt à pousser votre vocabulaire à un niveau avancé, vous êtes au bon endroit.

Dans cet article, nous allons explorer dix adjectifs de niveau C1 qui non seulement enrichiront votre vocabulaire, mais aussi apporteront des nuances à votre expression.

 Let’s dive in!

  • Impeccable = Impeccable

Without flaws, faults or errors.
« My writing tast was impeccable! I got the highest score »

  • Inept = Inapte.

Generally incompetent and ineffective.
« I think i’m quite inept at running »

 : we use the preposition AT when you mention an object after the verb ‘inept’.

  • Stringent = Strict

Strict; restrictive; rigid; severe.
« She has been on a stringent diet for months, I don’t know how she can do it »

  • Plausible = Plausible

Believable, possible.
« It doesn’t seem plausible that your cat actually pooped on your homework. »

  • Distraught = Bouleversé, désemparé

Very agitated and upset from mental conflict.
« She became so distraught when she found out that she had been fired »

  • Tacit = Tacite

Understood or implied but not specifically expressed.
« When people move in together, they usually have tacit agreements »

  • Diligent = assidu

Conscientiously hard-working.
« They hired me as soon as they found out I was a diligent worker »

  • Sedentary = Sédentaire

Not really active or doing any exercise.
» My job is quite sedentary so I’m glad i’m doing exercises on the side »

  • Delicate = délicat

Something which is quite difficult to do, you need to handle a situation with care.
« My mole surgery was a delicate operation »
 Pronunciation, check the video to say it correctly.

  • Cohesive = Uni, homogene, solidaire.

United and working together.
« I like to work with a cohesive group and like-minded people, it motivates me »


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