TOP 10 des phrasal verbs à connaitre en anglais!

La liste des 10 phrasal verbs incontournables : 

Comme promis je vous livre les verbes à particules importants à connaitre en anglais pour pouvoir parler librement et facilement.
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Verbe du numéro 1 à 10 :


  • 1) To run out of 

You used all of something. It can be used because something (like a product) is finished or you can use the Present Continuous (Be + Verb ing) to say it’s almost finished.

EG : « We’re running out of chocolate, that’s not good! »

= être à court de quelque chose, manquer de quelque chose

  • 2) To work out

Means you’re doing sports, exercising.

EG : « I work out 3 to 4 times a week. »

= Faire du sport

  • 3) To cut down on

To reduce the intake of something usually for your health.

EG : « i’m trying to cut down on sugar before summer, because it’s bad for my health and for my body. »

= Réduire sa consommation

  • 4) To pick something, someone up

It means to go somewhere to collect someone, typically in your car.

EG : « Can you pick up the eggs from Lucie’s place on your way home. »
« Remember it’s your turn to pick up the kids today! »

= Récupérer quelqu’un, quelque chose

  • 5) To show off

To behave in a way that you really want to attract attention because you are so proud of what you have, what you’ve achieved…

EG : « She only bought that car to show off »

= Frimer

  • 6) To get along with

To have a good relationship with someone.

EG : « I don’t really get along with her, she’s always trying to impress everyone »

= s’entendre avec quelqu’un

  • 7) To come over

to visit someone’s home.

EG : « Do you have to come over and have a beer tonight? »

= Passer

  • 8) Cut off

When you’re calling something on the phone or online and the line is stopping, you’re cutting off.

EG : (with a laptop) : « I’m sorry but you’re cutting off, I can’t seem to get one word! »

= couper, interrompre

  • 9) To run into

To see someone by chance, usually in the street, at the supermarket…

EG : « I ran into Sophie yesterday, she’s actually pregnant with her fourth baby! »

= Croiser quelqu’un

  • 10) To catch up

To chat, discuss the latest news!

EG : « Let’s catch up over coffee! I have so many things to tell you! »

= Prendre des nouvelles

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