12 phrases utiles à connaitre pour parler anglais

Apprenez et pratiquez ces 12 expressions, phrases en anglais qui vous serviront vraiment pour booster votre niveau B1/B2

Phrases et expressions de tous les jours en anglais


  • What about?/how about? = Et alors? , qu’en est-il?

Very useful to ask about someone or something. You want to know more details about someone : « How about your sister? »

  • I’d (would) rather… = Je préférerais

Here you want to use this modal verb : would, when talking about your preferences.
« I’d rather have chicken than beef »

  • On and on = encore et encore!

You can use this when something or someone is continuing over and over again.
« He went on and on about his new girlfriend »

  • It doesn’t matter = Peu importe!

This probably something you can use every day and multiple times a day!
Whenever someone asks you to choose something and you don’t have any preferences, you can use : It doesn’t matter.
You can also use : I don’t mind or I don’t care (the latter is a bit more frank)

  • I feel you! = Je te comprends!

This is perfect when you want to sympathise with someone.
Foe example : « I can’t believe I’ve been sacked! I won’t find a new job during this Pandemic!
I feel you, I went through the same thing last year! »

  • Way to go!! = Bien joué, bravo!

Great phrase to show encouragement and how proud or happy you are for the person.
For example : « I got an A+ in Maths! »
« Way to go son! »

  • In one go : En un coup.

This means : all at once, all at the same time.
For example : « I’ve done all my calls in one go! »

  • I mean… = je veux dire…

Probably something I use everyday and overuse! You can rephrase something someone hasn’t understand by saying : I mean.
For example : « I mean, I didn’t say she wasn’t nice but I don’t think she’s that friendly! »

  • Sign me up! = Compte sur moi, je suis partante!

This is great when you want to show you are part of a new thing, a new idea, project. You can also use : Count me in, let’s do it!
For example : « I’d love to go on a trip for a weekend and just have fun without the kids »
« Sign me up! I need this so badly! »

  • From now on = A partir de maintenant

Great phrase to use whenever you start doing something new or something differently.
For example : « From now on, I’ll only smoke during parties! »

  • That’s it! = C’est tout, voila!

Use this everything you’ve finished something, something is done.
For example :
« I’ve done all the work you wanted »
« Alright then that’s it you can go home ».

  • I have no idea! = J’ai aucune idée!

Great phrase to use when you don’t know about something, a topic…
For example : « I have no idea how much the train is to go home. I hope it’s not that expensive ».

Je vous laisse regarder cette vidéo Youtube qui résume les 12 phrases.
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